Research & Development

Research and Development is an ongoing programme.

Materials are developed for

  •   Own use

  •   Other Early Intervention Centres

  •   Parents and caregivers of deaf children and

  •   Teacher Training Institutes wanting to train teachers in Early Intervention.

The following have been developed by the R &D Cell.

  •   DHVANI KIT I and DHVANI KIT II that includes all the TLM are used by the teachers in the Early Intervention Centres.

  •   DHVANI Assessment cards that assesses the progress of the children and makes sure they are on track

  •   DHVANI PARENT KIT I & II that has 300 house hold activities are used by parents and caregivers

  •   DHVANI DVD on Home activities that can be used by Early Intervention Centers to motivate parents to work with their child, and parents to get tips on how to provide language to their child

  •   DHVANI DVD on school activities can be used both by Teacher Training Institutes and Early Intervention Centres to ensure they are not making mistakes in DHVANI Methodology.