Syllabus – Curriculum

BALAVIDYALAYA has formulated an effective Syllabus Curriculum SAHAYAK that includes the parents as equal partners in the scheme. The methodology is named ‘DHVANI’ – acronym of ‘Development of Hearing, Voice and Natural Integration’.

DHVANI is an intensive language scheme that uses Best Practices in Early Childhood Education to help infants and young children acquire age appropriate skills language and speech.

DHVANI Teaching Learning Materials are sequential and they bring about a holistic development of the child’s personality at an early age that is an invaluable investment for their future.

No formal text books are followed in school. All learning is activity based. DHVANI TLMs develop various skills in the children and ensure that they are able to compete with children with typical hearing in the mainstream. The outgoing students of BALAVIDYALAYA are able to express themselves fluently, read and write sentences independently and are comfortable with number concepts. They exhibit functional independence and confidence in their social skills.

The child friendly and learner centric DHVANI Methodology is implemented with care by the team of qualified and committed teachers. They are trained in (DECSEHI), the Diploma in Early Childhood Special Education Hearing Impaired recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India New Delhi and the Government of Tamilnadu.

Individual attention is given to children allowing them to reach their full potential intellectually, socially and emotionally. Children are allowed to develop in their own paces. They are assessed regularly using DHVANI Assessment cards. The DHVANI Assessment cards show a clear picture of each child’s progress.